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About Relocate Madrid

Read more about Relocate Madrid and our team. Or contact us for more information:

Tel: 0034 633216306
About us
Relocate Madrid is a company based in Madrid that specialises in short, mid and long term rental of apartments. Since our beginning in 2000 our aim is to offer our clients the best selection of apartments at the most competitive prices. Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure, as a couple or family we can be sure to offer you the perfect apartment. We currently have several partnership with many agencies in Madrid. For more information have a look at our website:

Our philosophy

The demand for an alternative to the traditional city hotel is a growing trend due to the advantages that this type of accommodation offers – privacy, increased space, flexibility, comfort, location and lower cost per person.

To satisfy the needs of our clients we offer a wide range of apartments in Madrid all of which have been individually selected by us to guarantee a high quality apartment and a personalised service offered by our Relocate Madrid representatives in Madrid.

Our team

In our office in Madrid, we have a great team  who speak more than 6 languages enabling us to offer our clients a high quality professional service. What differentiates us from 99% of our competitors is the fact that in Madrid we have a team of representatives to ensure a personalised service 24 hour service, 7 days of the week.

5 reasons to book with Relocate Madrid:
  • No hotel extras or hidden costs
  • Lower price per person
  • Save on expenses – eating and drinking out
  • The Relocate Madrid brand is renowned for its quality apartments and service.
  • Our qualified team to ensure an enjoyable stay in all of our destinations.
  • A dedicated customer service department and call centre.
  • What you see is what you get! – the images are a true reflection of the high quality apartments we offer.
3. Selection. All of our apartments are chosen using the following quality criteria.
  • Design
  • Location
  • Equipment
4. Advantages over hotels

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  • Live the city like the locals – location, flexibility, comfort…
  • Spaciousness and comfort.
  • More flexibility for families and large groups.
5. Customer Service
  • Our dedicated customer service department will ensure an enjoyable and memorable stay.
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