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IE Community

If you are part of IE Community ( Student, Alumni, Faculty or executive) you are granted a 10% discount on all services offered by Relocate Madrid.

Individual students traveling to Madrid will find that Relocate Madrid meet a variety of needs. Not only will you find studio and one-bedroom , we also offer two- and three-bedroom apartments to accommodate all different types of living situations. 

So, if you know other students you wish to room with, you may opt to select a larger accommodation. If you prefer to live on your own, there is a large selection of smaller apartments available. In Madrid, we offer a roommate share service as well. 

Student benefits: 

  • KNOWLEDGE: For students traveling to unfamiliar cities, Relocate Madrid agents can be excellent sources of information. Our agents are multilingual and are thoroughly familiar with each area that we serve. Since 2008, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of these markets in order to help our clients navigate their way around each area they visit.
  • ORIENTATION GUIDE AND RENTER`S MANUAL: Relocate Madrid provides students and academic personnel with copies of our Orientation Guide and Renter`s Manual (for Madrid), which offer valuable information about rental procedures and accommodations. They also look into daily life in the host city. These documents have been designed to help acclimate students to their new surroundings.
  • DISCOUNT: Students are offered a discount on their booking when they introduce us to a housing coordinator at their school. A 10% discount will be given if Relocate Madrid enters into a partnership and, finally, our "academics" discount program will help the entire group of students be housed during their entire program abroad.
We also have leases, roommate agreements and other documents, which are specifically tailored to students` needs. We are able to advise you on all of the details about these documents. The apartment rental experience affords you the opportunity to live in a city the way a local resident would. 


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